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Going To The Dentist Is No Longer A Pain For Children and Parents, In Fact It’s Fun And Easy!

The spotlight on the Oral Health of Australian children has been given a healthy boost with the announcement by Premier Daniel Andrews for a $390 million school dental program to be delivered across Victoria to Primary & Secondary government school students.

The initiative has highlighted the critical importance of oral health for school children with recent data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare ( confirming that 1 in 4 children between ages 5 – 10 years have untreated tooth decay. Alarmingly, $10 billion was spent on dental services in Australia between 2016-2017 representing approximately 6% of the total health expenditure. This is a concerning statistic given most dental disease are preventable and we have seen annual growth of 4.4% on this expenditure.

The increased awareness has been warmly welcomed by Teeth on Wheels, Australia’s largest private mobile dental provider to over 200 schools and 200 childcare services. “We are thrilled that the oral health of children has finally been given the recognition it deserves. We have worked tirelessly over the past 4 years to significantly improve the oral health and education of children whilst providing a positive dental experience to over 40,000 children” Joseph Zeid, Founder and Co-Director of Teeth on Wheels says. “The Australian Government has provided eligible families across Australia with affordable dental care via the Child Dental Benefit Schedule and the added support of the Victorian State Government will further enhance the oral health of children which is fantastic news.

The rapid growth of Teeth on Wheels over the past 4 years can be attributed to several factors including;

  1. Providing a fun and interactive environment for children, unique to the Teeth on Wheels experience.
  2. Only employing staff that love working with children and are caring and nurturing to assist with anxious children.
  3. Employing specialist staff with dental backgrounds for our Customer Service Team to engage with families.
  4. Offering a dedicated school partnership team to ensure the seamless facilitation of the program onsite.
  5. Custom built mobile clinics that offer movies and games for children whilst also being small enough to be accommodated by schools and childcare services with limited parking spaces.
  6. Being one of the only small minority of mobile dental services across Australia that are an Accredited Provider and a member of the Australian Dental Association

The recent partnership with Oral B (Proctor & Gamble), one of the world’s largest suppliers of Oral Health products reconfirmed the positive impact Teeth on Wheels are providing to Australian school children and their support has been welcomed. Romney Nelson, National Partnership Manager at Teeth on Wheels has warmly welcomed the partnership, “Our core values in supporting the oral health of children and adults is very closely aligned. We highly value our partnership with Oral B and look forward to strengthening this in the years ahead”.

Teeth on Wheels also proudly supports the Victorian Principals Association (VPA) and the Australian Catholic Principals Association (ACPPA) as Business Partners. “The Victorian Principals Association recognises the importance of oral health across all schools. Through our wonderful partnership with Teeth on Wheels, children are receiving important education and care via a positive dental experience” said Anne-Maree Kliman, President of the VPA.

Teeth on Wheels are looking forward to the opportunity to expand its fleet of mobile services in 2020 across more schools in Victoria and NSW to ensure more children have the opportunity to receive important oral health treatment.